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Oracle Elevator Company offers many commercial and residential options ranging from low-rise, mid-rise to high-rise. We help architects, building owners and construction companies in the design process in order to install the most efficient equipment that best adapts to the building’s needs and public traffic while adding value to the building. We work directly with our suppliers to deliver a high-quality product with the standards that you deserve. 



We offer solutions for your home accessibility with options ranging from wheelchair lifts, vertical platforms and traditional home elevators that will provide convenience and easier access between house levels.


  1. Vertical Platform Lifts

  2. Hydraulic

  3. Electric


We offer solutions for the accessibility of your building or condominium with options ranging from traction or hydraulic elevators, freight lifts, among others, that will provide comfort and more efficient access between the levels of your building.




  1. Rope Hydraulic

  2. Dual Jack (Single Stage hole less)

  3. Cantilevered (2 Stage hole less)

  4. LULA 



  1. MRL – Room Less (GREEN Product)

  2. Regular Traction


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