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President's Message

Our Mission: 

Provide our customers the best product and excellent service. Offering alternatives that exceed expectations and meet the needs of each consumer. Offering products that achieve significant energy savings, which leads us to care for our planet.

Our Vision: 

Be the customer's first choice for their vertical transportation needs. Provide a high quality product and service with greater precision. Contribute to the development of society through mobility.

Company History: 

Oracle Elevator Company was founded in 2013 by two women who followed the legacy of his father, Frank Diaz. His father who was known as one of the best connoisseurs of the vertical transportation in Puerto Rico, along with his wife Olga Gerena instructed their four daughters in this great world of elevators. Two of his four daughters founded this company, Mildred Diaz Gerena and Laura Diaz Gerena. Mildred Diaz has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, with over 20 years of experience in the elevator industry. Laura Diaz has an education in accounting and business administration, with over 15 years in the elevator industry. We are a family company that strives to create a trustworthy and safe environment.

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Oracle Elevator Company - Puerto Rico is the fruit of a legacy that was built on values and dreams that surpass our imagination. We want to continue reaching lives and transforming fear into safety through our contribution to vertical transportation. We walk in defense of safety and family, building relationships in each negotiation and each transaction.

Our personal and familiar service distinguishes us within an industry where the systematic and mechanical is the norm. We are a team that together put into practice all the expertise and knowledge for which we have been trained for, in order to offer a reliable and safe product to all our customers.

I not only want to leave a legacy for future generations of the elevator industry in my country, but also continue to impact the communities around us by bringing them hope and faith. May the effort transcend and leave a mark on the path for others and continue to create opportunities, just like my mentor Frank Díaz did, whom I had the honor of calling dad.

Thank you, daddy.

Mildred A. Díaz
Oracle Elevator Company Corp.

Would YOU ride the world’s
tallest outdoor GLASS elevator?

The three double-decker elevator is surrounded by glass windows.

3 Easy Upgrades

1. Lighting and Buttons
2. Starter Replacement

3. Controllers

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Postal Address

PO Box 793 Saint Just Station Saint Just, PR 00978 

Physical Address

Calle Aniceto Diaz Blq. #A-1
Urb. Golden Hills
Trujillo Alto, PR 00976

Customer Service

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